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How Papaya and Oats Aids Weight Loss

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How Papaya and Oats Aids Weight Loss :This Shake Flattens The Belly And Removes All The Fat Completely From Your Body/colon detox shake

For more body strength, higher energy levels and prevention of multiple health issues try ths colon detox shake.It is extremely important to detoxify the body and cleanse the colon in order to support its function as one of the main body cleansing organs, thus boosting the overall health.

Papaya improves digestion and promotes proper bowel movement.Papaya is low in calories (43 calories in 100 grams of papaya) and is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, calcium, magnesium, and potassium . It is a good source of the antioxidant beta-carotene.

The shake is delicious, and completely natural, as its main ingredients are papaya and oats.

Papaya and oats Health Benefits:

1 . Boost and Strengthen the immune system

2 . Help weight loss and Improve heart diseases
3 . Prevent arthritis and Relieve constipation
4 .Treat wounds and Fight against cancer
5 . Treat hypertension and Helps in the case of diabetes.

How to Prepare the Shake

Ingredients :- ¼ cup Papaya, ½ cup Gluten-free oatmeal, ½ cup Water or almond milk, ¼ tablespoon cinnamon.
Instructions :- Mix all the ingredients in the blender/mixer, and when you get a thick
mixture, pour it into a glass. You can sweeten with honey.

You should drink this shake every morning, on an empty stomach. It will boost your energy levels, improve metabolism, burn belly fat, and cleanse the colon.It helps detox your whole body.

Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Techniques For Curing In 5 Minutes

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Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Techniques For Curing In 5 Minutes!

The Japanese method of curing is known as Jin shin Jitsu . It is an ancient form of a Japanese healing art.It restores the emotional balance with the help of the stimulation of certain points on the fingers.All you have to do is to maintain your finger on these areas for few minutes, while you take some deep breaths.

This healing treatment is based on the belief that each finger is linked to two body organs, and the stimulation of the proper points on them not only improves physical but also emotional health.The whole process takes very little time, and the effects can help you in overcoming various health issues.

The organs linked to the fingers And how it works:

Organs - stomach and spleenwort

Emotions - depression, anxiety or worry
Physical symptoms - stomach pain, skin problems, headache, nervousness, headaches.
Just take the appropriate finger with the other hand and massage your thumb tightly for 3-5 minutes.

Index finger:
Organs - kidneys and urinary bladder
Emotions - confusion, disappointment, discontent and fear .
Physical symptoms - a toothache, muscle pain, back pain, digestive disorders, back pain, etc
Just take the appropriate finger with the other hand and massage your Index finger
tightly for 3-5 minutes.

Middle finger:
Organs - liver and gallbladder
Emotions - anger, indetermination, irritability, indecision,
Physical symptoms - a migraine, tiredness, circulation problems, menstrual pain and headaches in the frontal region.
Just take the appropriate finger with the other hand and massage your Middle finger
tightly for 3-5 minutes.

Ring finger:
Organs - large intestines and lungs
Emotions - negativity, fear and sadness, grief
Physical symptoms - asthma, digestion issues, skin problems, respiratory problems.
Just take the appropriate finger with the other hand and massage your Ring finger
tightly for 3-5 minutes.

Little finger / Pinkie:
Organs - heart and small intestine
Emotions - anxiety, worry, nervousness, lack of self-confidence
Physical symptoms - bone issues, heart disease, throat pain.
Just take the appropriate finger with the other hand and massage your Pinkie finger
tightly for 3-5 minutes.

Rub each finger for 3-5 minutes and you will see how problems disappear!Try this 5-minute technique for wonders in pain.

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Foods That Can Naturally Unclog Arteries

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Foods That Can Naturally Unclog Arteries

Sometimes small blockages build up inside your blood vessels. These blockages are called plaques. They develop when cholesterol sticks to the wall of the artery. Removing plaque from your arterial walls is difficult. Losing weight, exercising more, or eating less cholesterol-rich foods are all steps you can take to unclog arteries

Foods that naturally unclog arteries:

1 . Apple - Eating one apple each day for a period of weeks will be able to reduce blood levels as “bad cholesterol”—oxidized low-density lipoprotein. The apples didn’t just reduce LDL levels slightly, but by 40 percent. Apples contain an antioxidant enzyme.

2 . Oily Fish - Fish oil reduces the amount of LDL available to build up as plaque. It has omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent inflammation of the blood vessels and formation of blood clots.

3 . Avocado - It contain unsaturated fats which can help to take bad cholesterol from the arteries before it turns into plaque.Eating an avocado has been scientifically proven to unclog arteries.

4 . Broccoli - broccoli is packed with fiber that's beneficial for overall heart health. It prevent clogged arteries and protect against vascular disease.Broccoli is filled with vitamin K that is famous for preventing blood clots.

5 . Coffee - Few cups of coffee every day may lower our risk of atherosclerosis, which is a major risk factor for heart disease.Coffee is an excellent source for antioxidants and that’s beneficial in preventing heart problems.

6 . Nuts - Nuts are a solid choice when it comes to a healthy snack,very high in magnesium. Magnesium hinders buildup and cholesterol plaque in arteries, helping to prevent clogged arteries.

7 . Spinach -Spinach is filled with potassium, folate and fiber, which helps lower blood pressure and prevents artery blockage.It goes great with salads, soups, and sandwiches.

8 . Watermelon - Swapping watermelon juice for water reduces body fat, lowers LDL cholesterol and cleans heart-threatening plaque out of arteries.

9 . Oranges - It contain antioxidants which help improve the blood vessel function. Oranges also contain fiber pectin which lowers cholesterol.Eating oranges also strengthens your immune system, which improves your ability to fight off infections and diseases.

10 . Asparagus - Asparagus is one of the best foods to cleanse your arteries. it helps lower blood pressure and prevent blood clots that can lead to serious cardiovascular illness.

You can unclog your arteries naturally by eating the foods on this list. Add them to your everyday diet to reduce your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

Benefits Of Potato Juice For Your Health

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Benefits Of Potato Juice For Your Health

Potatoes probably are one of the most popular ingredients in the world.Many of us think that they contribute to weight gain, while these actually come loaded with many essential micronutrients like Vitamin A, C, B, iron and phosphorous.Potatoes are helpful in detoxification and acidity regulation in the body. The impressive health benefits of this unusual vegetable juice may surprise you.

Juicing a potato is a simple process you can do with or without a juicer. Potato juice is exactly what it sounds like — it’s juice that has been drained from a potato.The potato juice is quite tasteless, but it is very healthy.

Health Benefits of Potato Juice

1 . Potato juice contains vitamin C that can help to strengthen your immune system.Your body will be able to better stave off infections or annoying winter colds.
2 . It reduces the level of uric acid and therefore helps against gout.
3 . It works as an antibacterial probiotic drink.
4 . Potatoes contain essential nutrients like fiber and vitamins A, B-complex, and C. These nutrients help lower the cholesterol levels in the body.

5 . Potatoes are very high in potassium so helps regulate your bodily fluids and supports muscle function.
6 . Raw potatoes contain a variety of antioxidants.This is a key to preventing diseases.
7 . Potato juice can help with arthritis especially in the joints, and back pain.
8 . Potatoes contain a significant amount of fiber.Having a glass of potato juice helps curing constipation.
9 . Regular consumption of potato juice is associated with better kidney functioning and a reduced risk of calcium stone formation.
10 . Potato juice prevents aging and reduces wrinkles on the face.
11 . Drinking potato juice can also be great for detoxifying important organs of the body.
12 . Potatoes contain unique antibacterial molecules that help to cure heartburn and ulcers.
13 . A one-cup of serving Potato juice contains around 1 milligram of zinc.
14 . Potato juice also works as a skin brightening agent.It works wonders for the under-eye area.
15 . Potato juice can help establish the acid balance of the body.It has anti-inflammatory action.


It is very easy to make this juice. Wash the potatoes and peel them and remove all green parts and sprouts. Then with galleries and put it on a linen cloth and drain the juice (you can also use a juicer).

Some Side Effects

1 . Do not consume in excess as this can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, and vomiting
2 . Potato juice has high levels of sugar, so diabetics should consult their physician .
3 . Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also consult their physician.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

One-week Diet Plan To Lose 15 Lbs Naturally At Home

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One-week Diet Plan To Lose 15 Lbs Naturally At Home

There are many ways to lose a lot of weight fast. Most people turn to fad diets like keto diet, intermittent fasting, air diet etc. But here You only need to follow this one-week diet menu that will burn your fat.

.Don’t skip meals.Avoid soft drinks, too much caffeine, and processed foods but never skip your meal.As skipping meals will never helps in loose weight.

Some suggestions
.Stop eating after 8 pm
.Increase the stock of healthy foods
.Eat more frequently
.Limit the usage of sugar and salt

The One-Week Diet

Day 1- Fruit day
Just eat fruits, that is, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can eat papayas, apples, pineapples, etc. Do not eat bananas.

Day 2 – Veggie day

Just eat veggies for breakfast, dinner, and lunch during this day.Choose vegetables that are rich in fiber such as broccoli and beans.You can take cooked potatoes in breakfast so that the carbs can breakdown during the day.

Day 3 – Fruit and veggie day
Avoid bananas and potatoes.Make a combination of the foods from day 1 and day 2 at the third day of the diet.

Day 4- Milk and banana day
Have milk and bananas only whole day.You can eat 10 bananas as well 3 glasses of milk.

Day 5 – Feast day
On this day you should eat meat.lean chicken or fish fillets.Consume more water atleast 12 to 15 glasses, in order to encourage the removal of uric acid produced by the body due to the intake of meat.

Day 6 – Red meat and veggies
You can eat cooked red meat of your choosing and as much as veggies as you want for lunch.Don't forget to consume more water .

Day 7 – Rice and veggies
Consume cooked brown rice for lunch mixed with steamed veggies of your choosing. Consume fresh fruit or veggie juices.You can eat one potato only on this day .

The Healthy Breakfast That Kills Cholesterol, Fat and Blood Sugar

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The Healthy Breakfast That Kills Cholesterol, Fat and Blood Sugar.

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”

Breakfast helps you burn calories throughout the day.It it boosts your energy and improves your concentration level.Eating a healthy breakfast has numerous health benefits. It will help you improve your performance and stave off fatigue and shakiness whole day.High cholesterol is a key factor in developing heart disease.

When you wake up, the level of blood sugar in your body is very low, so you need breakfast in order to replenish it.Healthy breakfast lowers the chances of various health issues, like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, high cholesterol, etc.Healthy breakfast is a key start to the day.

Here are some steps for managing High Cholesterol, Fat and Blood Sugar

Chia seeds -They are tiny black seeds from the plant Salvia hispanica, which is related to the mint.It is now consumed by many health conscious people all over the world.They are the best sources of several important nutrients, calorie for calorie.chia seeds can aid weight loss.It has decent amount of protein, high antioxidant content, carbs, very high in omega-3 fatty acids, reduce blood sugar levels. Studies suggest that they have various health benefits, ranging from weight loss to reduced inflammation.

Oatmeal -This whole-grain powerhouse has been packing serious nutrition and hearty flavor into breakfast for generations.Oats contain compounds called beta glucans which reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.It also contain zinc, magnesium, manganese, iron, thiamin, selenium, phosphorus, etc.

These are the ingredients needed for the recipe:
.1 cup of oats
.2 cups of water
.2 tablespoons of honey
.A pinch of salt
.4 tablespoons of chia seeds
.1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1.Pour the water into a pan and add vanilla and cinnamon. When the liquid starts to boil, lower the heat and then add the oats.
2.Let it boil for about 5-6 minutes and remove the pan from heat. Leave it covered for about 5 more minutes and then stir it.
3.While it is still hot, add the chia seeds, salt and honey.

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Benefits of using white vinegar in laundry

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Benefits of using white vinegar in laundry

Probably vinegar is something that you use to cook the occasional pie or dish, it actually has a variety of uses.The greatest uses of white vinegar is as a cleaner.Distilled white vinegar is a great disinfectant. It kills unwanted bacteria and germs on clothes.It is an excellent way to keep your laundry clean and preserve its color.

How to Add Vinegar to Laundry

Pour 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar into your washing machine .You can also pour vinegar or a mixture of vinegar and water directly into your washer.Just add 1 to 2 cups of vinegar to your laundry instead of bleach.

Add white vinegar to your laundry for these unexpected benefits:

1 . It’s an eco-friendly and inexpensive laundry detergent and much effective.
2 . It kick stains out of your Clothes and will remove stains without taking the color out of your clothes.
3 . White vinegar is also useful as a disinfectant. It kills unwanted bacteria and germs on clothes.

4 . It is also effective as natural fabric softener.Just pour the vinegar directly into the washer.
5 . Saturating the area in vinegar before laundering will remove even the most stubborn of stains.
6 . White vinegar can help remove the smell based on the type of material of the gear which Laundry detergent doesn’t do.
7 . It prevent nappy rash in babies who wear cloth nappies.Just add 1/2 pint vinegar.
8 . To keep your whites a stunningly bright color, always add one to two cups of white vinegar to the washing machine.You can also soak clothes in it for better results.
9 . Add a mixture of 5 cups of vinegar into an empty wash cycle, then run it.It will help disinfect the interior surface of your machine and remove hard water deposits and detergent residue.
10 . It protects color from fading.Pour 1/2 cup of white, distilled vinegar into a load of laundry.

White vinegar is also a fantastic cleaning product that can help you keep your house squeaky clean.White vinegar is for more than just cooking. Start using it in your laundry today.